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Louisville Outdoor Turf Products is here to match you with the best Wright commercial mower for your job site. Every Wright model is crafted with an aerodynamic, welded grass catcher, top agility and handling, as well as dependable power for all-day performance.

Frustrated with flimsy grass catchers that clog up, Wright welded the first aerodynamic, welded tubing frame commercial grass catcher. Along with this innovation, their creation of the first-ever stand-on mower gave commercial contractors a whole new way to work. Wright brought the same efficiency and productivity of riding mowers to standing, knowing that professionals needed a way to mow with the same visibility as a walk-behind without the fatigue. Whether you're standing on or sitting, when you mow with Wright you're mowing with true innovation.

Louisville Outdoor Turf Products provides a full range of Wright mowers, including zero-turns, stand-on, and walk-behind models. Learn more about our Wright inventory, and stop in to meet yours in person today.

"Louisville Outdoor Turf Products is the best - Ryan and his wife are fantastic, they go way beyond great customer satisfaction. I am very satisfied with my purchase of my Wright 32 Stander and will definitely be back. They made the buying process easy!"

- Natalie C.

Wright Mid-Mount Z Mowers

Mid-Mount Z Mowers

Large hydro pumps let this model run faster and cooler than its competition. Choose between 25.5 and 27 HP and cutting decks of 48", 52", and 61". Never damage turf, as this model is 300 lbs. lighter than the industry average!

Wright Sport Intensity Mowers

Sport Intensity Mower

This series features easy on/off suspension seating, standard striping, deck sizes of 36", 48", and 52", and a free-floating cutter deck for top comfort on uneven terrain.

Wright Stander Mowers

Stander Mowers

Mow more with less fatigue with a stander model. Choose between 32", 36", 48", 52", and 61" cutting decks and up to a 23.5 HP engine. No seat means you can step off for a quick exit or picking up debris.

Wright Velke Walk Behind Mowers

Velke Walk-Behind Mowers

Velke walk-behind mowers are light on turf and balanced to handle slopes and curbs. Choose up to a 52" cutting deck, operate with intuitive control, isolated vibration, and high clearance to easily climb curbs.

Wright Stander X Mowers

Stander X

The Stander X is your productive mid-size mower. Mow with up to 28 HP, deck sizes up to 61", and a low center of gravity and large wheels for top stability.

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