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Little Wonder Equipment

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It doesn’t take much for your yard to get out of hand, whether it’s due to overgrown vines, a happily growing lawn, or the clutter of fallen branches. Little Wonder Equipment will help you conquer the mess and tangle with a wide range of outdoor power equipment designed to be powerful enough to get the job done in the snap. Little Wonder has been providing the very best in power equipment since 1922 when they produced the world’s first hedge trimmer. Landscapers loved them, but so did others, and the popularity launched Little Wonder across the whole world, growing their business as they revolutionized the industry.

Whether you work in landscaping or just like a well-kept yard, you’re going to want superior products so that you not only get the job done but get it done right on the first try. At Louisville Outdoor Turf Products, we proudly carry a full line of Little Wonder outdoor power equipment. Come into our location in Louisville, Kentucky for your chance to see it all for yourself!

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